Unified Communications

Indigo_Cover_Image2Zane Networks, LLC is a small company with impressive experience in conferencing and collaboration services. Our capabilities consist of audio and video conferencing services, telemedicine expertise, audiovisual integration, ip network services, streaming video solutions and Web conferencing services.

We provide assessment, design, installation and staffing to create an environment that meets our clients’ needs. We excel in customer service and people-to-people skills, and our team members are professional, competent and capable.

Audio and Video Conferencing and Telemedicine Technologies:

Our team provides hardware, network and other infrastructure and services related to audio and video conferencing. We are able to create room collaboration systems using HD videoconferencing systems and state-of-the art conferencing technologies. We also are expert at integrating audiovisual systems. Our team of technicians and engineers all possess the industry-required certifications.

Web Conferencing Technologies:

ZaneNet is experienced in facilitating videoconferencing via the Web. We configure systems to enable presentation and audio conferencing via desktops and are familiar with the Department of Defense DCO – a web-conferencing application.

Printing & Online Communications

ZaneNet meets the needs of our clients with a menu of services, using our combined business, technical, design, writing, editing, and management skills. Our staff includes award-winning designers, project managers, experienced editors and expert website and database developers.

ZaneNet has been designing and implementing and maintaining robust content management-based websites for large national organizations and institutions since 2000. ZaneNet incorporates the latest standards and uses experts with all leading development tools. ZaneNet’s developers have award-wining graphics capabilities to develop the front-end user interface and create customizable template options for clients.

We offer writing and design services for print and online publications, from style setting through editing and rewriting to final proofing and formatting. According to the client’s needs, we apply a range of services, from copyediting to technical editing, developmental/substantive editing and rewriting.

Our products include in-depth reports, white papers, proposals, newsletters, brochures, conference proceedings and multi-author projects. We also offer website development services including content management system-based websites, website design, green e-newsletters and other web-based communication tools.

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