Telehealth Project:  Integrating Virtual Visits to facilitate access to specialty and sub-specialty services in medically underserved areas in Prince George’s County, between Dimensions Healthcare System Facilities and Gerald Family Care comprehensive care facilities

An 18-month pilot telehealth program funded by MHCC to increase patient access to specialty care through the use of telehealth is underway in Prince George’s County.

The project is targeted at cutting in half patient wait time to see specialists and at increasing the proportion of patients screening positive for depression who can access behavioral health services promptly.  It will also reduce the number of hospitalizations and ED visits associated with gastroenterological, cardiologic, dermatologic, neurologic and/or behavioral health diagnoses.

The intervention increases the accessibility of specialist and subspecialty services to traditionally underserved communities in Prince George’s County. For providers, it offers a sustainable model of care reimbursable by Medicare, Medicaid and most commercial health plans.

Through telehealth hardware and software installed and managed by Zane Networks (a Maryland MSO), specialists from Dimensions Health System (DHS) will be enabled to visit with patients of Gerald Family Care (GFC), a patient-centered medical home network providing family practice services to Prince George’s County. The project anticipates serving approximately 180 unique GFC patients.

This project will engage CRISP, the State-designated health information exchange (HIE), to facilitate information exchange between DHS acute care facilities and the practice sites.

The project also seeks to help destigmatize behavioral health treatment. See press release here