Practice Transformation

Practice Transformation

Healthcare Providers

We work with primary care, specialists, long term care facilities, clinics and hospitals (with an emphasis on medically underserved areas) to transform their practice with technical assistance.

New Approaches to Care

We help clinicians explore new systems of care, quality improvement programs, health information technologies and payment structures that are appropriate to their practice.

Incentives Programs

We help practices qualify and report measures in order to fulfill obligations of various federal and state incentive programs (Meaningful Use, State Payor Program, PCMH and PQRS).

Connected Care

We connect healthcare providers within their medical neighborhood through technologies such as HIEs and by the promotion of connected, coordinated care models.

healtcareZaneNet Connect assists clinicians in transforming their practices to excel in the healthcare market of the future – one that rewards value and outcomes rather than volume. In order to do so, we help our providers participate in various incentive programs and practice models that generate revenue and produce cost savings. Download brochure here

We help individual practices, clinics and healthcare organizations grow and thrive by optimizing their use of these initiatives:

  • New Care & Delivery Models: Medical Home, ACOs, State Innovation Models, Million Hearts Campaign, Telehealth
  • Meaningful Use and PQRS Reporting Assistance: Support for Primary Care and Specialists with an emphasis on Long Term Care and Behavioral Health
  • Health Information Exchange: ENS enrollment support, query portal assistance.
  • Care Coordination: Chronic Care Management, Transitions of Care, healthcare data extraction and analysis, GPRO reporting support
  • Patient Centered Health IT and Patient Engagement: Patient engagement tools and PCMH recognition assistance
  • Privacy and Security: Assessment and Policy Development

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New Care & Delivery Models

As an MSO, ZaneNet has helped numerous providers in Maryland and the District of Columbia implement Electronic Health Records, connect to the state’s HIE (CRISP), improve their privacy and security policies and procedures and optimize their EHR use to achieve meaningful use.
With this technical foundation, providers are able to participate in various new care and payment reform models to include Accountable Care Organizations and Patient Centered Medical Home programs.

In order to assist providers, ZaneNet has gathered a team of experts to provide the expertise to help healthcare organizations explore these new models of care:

    • Our NCQA certified Content Experts can provide a free assessment to your practice to review the program and process and determine the steps required for your practice to complete a patient-centered medical home (PCMH) transformation.

    • We work with healthcare organizations to create and participate in Accountable Care Organizations (ACO) under CMS’ Medicare Shared Savings Program (Shared Savings Program).

    • ZaneNet can assist practices to report measures in order to participate in the Million Hearts™ initiative.  The Million Hearts campaign a national initiative to prevent 1 million heart attacks and strokes by 2017.

EHR and Meaningful Use Assistance

ZaneNet has been providing direct technical assistance for individual and small provider practices, medical practices lacking resources to implement and maintain Electronic Health Records (EHRs) since it was fully certified as an MSO in 2011. Our primary focus were those providers who provide primary care services to those who mostly serve those who lack adequate coverage or medical care. We have established ourselves as trusted advisors for both primary care and specialists as well who face challenges to achieve meaningful use and are proud to successfully support practices to leverage technology to improve and transform healthcare.
For over 4 years, we have served as a Maryland state certified MSO, working with over 500 providers throughout Maryland and the District of Columbia to assist in the following areas:

    • EHR implementation and project management
    • Health IT education and training
    • Vendor selection and financial consultation
    • Practice/workflow redesign
    • Meaningful Use and PQRS reporting
    • Privacy and Security
    • Partnering with state and national health information exchange
    • Ongoing technical assistance

Health Information Exchange

Healthcare providers are relying increasingly on health information exchange and health information technology to support transitions of care, lab exchange, public health, and patient engagement.  HIEs are critical to facilitate secure and accurate communication across various provider organizations and to improve care coordination and better transition of care.CRISP, Maryland and DC’s HIE has been working to improve providers to interoperability and health information exchange needs within their practices.  As an MSO, ZaneNet assists CRISP in the following ways:

    • Assistance with HIE on-boarding
    • Assistance engaging vendors about Meaningful Use (MU) Stage 2 requirements
    • Assist providers with integrating Direct into current EHR workflows
    • Transitions of care for long-term care facilities
    • Signing up for Encounter Notification Service (ENS) a service which enables physicians to receive real-time alerts when a patient is hospitalized.
    • Reducing readmissions and preventing readmission penalties for hospitals and their affiliated providers by leveraging ENS notifications.


Care Coordination: Chronic Care Management, Transitions of Care, healthcare data extraction and analysis

The emphasis in healthcare today is quality improvement and care coordination through the use of health information technology, emphasizing quality over quantity and preventing illness over treating people after they get sick. One initiative by CMS that encourages care management and preventive services is the new Chronic Care Management program that reimburses for non-face-to-face care coordination services for Medicare beneficiaries with multiple chronic conditions. Whether your practice needs assistance to set up its own CCM program or would like to use ZaneNet’s CCM services, we can discuss how to optimize your practice’s revenue and/or utilize our technology to provide these services to your patients.

In addition, we can consult with your practice to leverage tools such as CRISP’s ENS to receive discharge notifications to provide TCM services to your patients which allow for additional revenue for your practice and improved care coordination between your organizations and local hospitals.

Patient Centered Health IT and Patient Engagement

ZaneNet supports practices to adopt and implement new patient and family engagement tools strategies and tools. Our personnel can help your practice optimize the use of your EHR to meet meaningful use stage 2 with a special focus on patient and family engagement-related services and include everything from implementing a patient portal, practice websites and online scheduling.

We also can advise practices on how patient engagement is supported through new care delivery models such as Patient Centered Medical Home program and new payment models such as ACOs.

Privacy and Security: Assessment and Policy Development

According to the Health Insurance Portability and Accountability Act (HIPAA), any organization processing or maintaining healthcare-related information must demonstrate its compliance with security regulations for electronic protected health information (ePHI). Under the HITECH Act, covered entities, including healthcare providers, must implement policies that address the use and disposition of electronic PHI and the hardware or electronic media on which it is stored.

ZaneNet Connect assists practices in setting up the proper administrative, technical and physical safeguards to protect the privacy of Protected Health Information (PHI) in any form.

As a Maryland State-Certified MSO, ZaneNet Connect has attained EHNAC accreditation, which recognizes excellence in health data processing and transactions and ensures compliance with industry-established standards and HIPAA regulations.

Our services address your individual practice needs as part of our HIPAA IT Compliance Package, which includes HIPAA IT Assessment, HIPAA IT Configuration, HIPAA IT Security Policies and Procedures, Employee HIPAA Training and HIPAA Ongoing Alerts and Monitoring.



ZaneNet Connect is certified by the Maryland Health Care Commission as a state-certified MSO. As an MSO, our mission according to the MHCC is to do the following: A State Designated management service organization (MSO) shall make available to health care providers health information technology, such as electronic health records, health information exchange, and/or telemedicine.  MSOs shall provide services to health care providers that support the providers in improving the patient experience of care, improving the health of the population, and reducing health care costs.

For more information about the MSO program, please visit the MHCC website here

Cost Benefits

ZaneNet Connect can help your practice choose and implement an array of healthcare technology and assist you in qualifying for Federal and State programs such as: Meaningful Use, State Payor Program, PCMH and others.


As an independent company we can provide objective advice that best serves you and your patients. We recommend products and services but can work with an array of different systems to improve the quality of patient care and reduce costs.


As an established IT firm, we have experience working with complex IT systems and can recommend optimal solutions to achieve meaningful use.


As a Maryland company, we provide a local perspective. You have immediate access to our staff and our local partners to help achieve your goals.